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Game Calls

  • CP-580


  • Built-in 180 degree adjustable 10W speaker
  • Built-in 403 sounds
  • Built-in two-way remote control function
  • Built-in 3w green light
  • Product description: cp-580 E-CALLER with two-way remote control function

Game call of CP-580
Newest game call system with speakers and two-way remote control by Kalede.
Hot selling in American market,Patented design,counterfeiting not allowed .

Product feature:
1. Built-in 180 degree adjustable 10W speaker.
2. Built-in more than 400 sounds with different animals and birds.Specialty transcribed with clear reality sounds.
3. Built-in two-way remote control function,the host and remote control synchronization display,the distance can reach 250 yards.
4. Built-in 3w green light,use green light in the night,the prey not easy to alert,Hunting more easily.
5. Support the input of audio 1 and ouput of audio 2.
6. 2 inch ture color screen of the host,2.4 inch ture color screen of the remote control,making the display more clearly.
7. Built-in RECALL Key,Hunters can easily shift cut the songs from current play song back to pre-play song.
8. Remote support 4 Hotkeys, the hunter can store 4 commonly used sounds, one-key enabled ,flexible operation.
9. In order to have better effect on the large aggressive animals,this product supports and is equipped with the lure of the tail equipment.
10.The host use 10*AA battery,remote control use 3*AA battery( not include the battery).Support chargeable AA battery.
11.Item size:34*12*16CM



Contact: SAM ZHANG

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Email: sam@hunting365.cn

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