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Our advantage

Since inception, Kalede specializing in the development and manufacture of consumer electronics, and has pioneered the Bird caller in China. The rich experience in R&D and production for many years, made us more mature in the ODM service, more thinking flexible, and developed a variety of Bird caller and voice play products for many customers in the world. Our self-produced models are portable, multi-function, stable quality and diverse style. We have been providing OEM services to well-known brands around the world for many years. Kalede has become an leader in this field.

Choose us, we will pay 100% effort to you with the best products and services, high quality, reasonable prices.


Contact: SAM ZHANG

Phone: 13556865096

Tel: 0755-82971717

Email: sam@hunting365.cn

Add: 14/F,Shifeng Building,No.1 Bieshu Road,Matian Street,Guangming District, Shenzhen.

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